Children's JCB Digger Beds

Children's JCB Digger Beds

Children's JCB Digger Beds

Kidsaw's Digger Bed's are it's most popular range, and that's for a good reason. What child doesn't love looking at those big trucks and diggers at a construction zone? With Kidsaw's signature easy to install system, these beds are a best seller.


'All flat packs should be like this'

'You don't even need to read the instructions'





'Perfect bed for a visiting child'

For those budding builders and construction loving little ones, the JCB Digger range is a perfect range to foster creativity, increase imagination and foster role playing. Not to mention setting up a fun space and safe that encourages your child to stay all night in their room.

Easy to install, you can get your little ones dream room up and running in no time and then you can get back to what you really want to be doing. 

With a range of matching options, such as storage bins, tables and chairs and push alongs, there are many options to curate that perfect dream room for your child.

'Lovely first bed for a toddler'